Hornby Western Freight Hauler Train Set

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Britain’s branch lines and light railways were, for so long, the lifeblood of the rural economy, hauling not just freight, but livestock and passengers as well. From small harbour and market towns, goods would travel in both directions and in many communities, the railway would be the only reliable transport link to the outside world.

This set includes a small 0-4-0 tank engine, with a selection of wagons, a passenger coach and brake van, that were typical in the time before improved road access led to these services being cut. The oval of track, with a siding and lineside accessories, adds a degree of operational interest and realism, allowing wagons to be dropped off and picked up on a return journey.

- 0-4-0 Lococomotive
- Closed Van
- Open Wagon
- 4 Wheel coach
- 20 Ton break van
- Transformer
- Controller
- Buffer stop
- Track left-hand poinht
- 2 x Straight track
- 2 x Double straight track
- 2 x 2nd radius curve track
- 8 x 3rd radius double curve track
- Power track

Technical Specification & Detail
Gauge: 00
Finish: Pristine
Livery: LNER
Age Suitability: 4+
Purpose: Passenger/Freight
Wheel Configuration: 0-4-0


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