Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector

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With a 6.6 kHz transmission frequency and preset ground balance, the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector is well-suited for coin or relic hunting around beaches, parks or any other places people may have gathered and left things.

The feature set of the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 is also suitable for casual prospecting and relic hunting in the goldfields.

The open 7" concentric search coil makes pinpointing objects easy as the center always has the highest returns. Detection results are displayed on an LCD display and are audible through either the built-in speaker or headphone output.

A touch pad control interface features backlit buttons and allows you to easily adjust settings such as the sensitivity. You can choose between an all metal mode that provides returns on all metals or choose one of 8 discrimination modes to better filter results.

Notching modes allow you to selectively search for a certain metal type. Returns are shown on a running depth graph and are also indicated by audible tones that differentiate metal type. The unit is powered by two 9V batteries, which are not included.


  • A transmission frequency of 6.6 kHz is well suited to finding objects such as coins and relics.
  • Detects coin-size objects to 11" deep and larger objects to 4' deep.
  • Manual ground balance allows you to tailor the detector to the soil type you are using it in.
  • The open concentric design of the 7" coils discriminates very well. Pinpointing of buried objects is easy because the strongest signal is always in the center of the coil.


  • The LCD screen displays sensitivity, depth of the detected object, and type of metal detected.
  • A running depth graph is displayed on the LCD display to illustrate the approximate depth of the object being detected.
  • You can adjust the sensitivity of the unit to be more selective towards certain types of metals.
  • Notching capabilities allow you to search for a specific metal type.
  • Backlit buttons provide you with an easy to adjust interface so you can change features such as sensitivity quickly.
  • You can choose an all metal detection mode to return all signals or from 8 levels of discrimination to filter your hits based on soil type.
  • Pinpoint mode allows for returns without having to sweep the detector back and forth so you can get right on top of the buried object.


  • Four tones help provide an aural clue as to the metal object hidden in the ground.
  • A 1/4" jack lets you use headphones to better interpret audio feedback.

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