Nokta FORS CoRe Metal Detector 3 Coil Pro Package

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FORS CoRe, with its features, design, and accessories, is a professional metal detector developed with an advanced technology and is the perfect choice for coin and relic hunting.

Thanks to it different search modes, ID Masking feature and advanced settings which minimize the effects of highly mineralized soils and hot rocks, FORS CoRe will find coins and relics that other detectors miss at unmatched depths.

All Terrain

FORS CoRe is an all terrain detector that you can easily use on beach, mineralised ground, and rocky areas which are problematic for most detectors. FORS CoRe, thanks to its waterproof search coils and advanced settings, works flawlessly on all terrains without sacrificing its high performance.


  • Frequency : 15 kHz (+/- 100 Hz bandwidth)
  • ID Masking : Enables you to Search by Ignoring Unwanted Targets
  • Ground Tracking : Tracks the Changes in Ground and Automatically Adjusts the Ground Balance to Suit
  • Vibration Mode : Designed with the Hearing Impaired in Mind, also Ideal for Users who Do Not Want to Use Headphones
  • Digital Target ID : When Detecting a Target, it Displays on the Screen and Gives you an Idea about what the Target May Be
  • COG Mode : Designed for conductive ground (wet beach sand, alkali sand etc.)

Factory Included Accessories

  • Carrying Bag
  • Headphones
  • Treasure Pouch
  • Embroidered Cap
  • 5.2x4.7" Waterproof Search Coil
  • 15.5x13.3" Waterproof Search Coil
  • Weather Resistant Cover
  • Rechargeable Battery System
  • 11.2x7" Waterproof DD Search Coil

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