Wilesco D21 Steam Engine

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D21: Noble beauty in red and black

The steam engine D21 is an engine with double acting, fixed brass cylinder.

The technical data correspond to those of the D20, but here the special colouring is to be emphasised, which gives this machine a particularly noble finish:

All metal parts are painted in black and red. The flywheel was also painted red. This special machine is rounded off by highly polished precious brass parts.

A special technical feature is the built-in feedwater pump, which can only be found in the Wilesco range of the D21 steam engine.

Water pump allows refilling during operation

This water pump allows the boiler to be topped up with water while the steam engine is running. The condensate is drained into a condensate tray below the chimney, causing the chimney to steam. The steam outlet can be controlled manually on the D21 by means of a steam shut-off valve. The engine is powered by our dry fuel Witabs, a load of Witabs enough for about 10-15 minutes steam fun.

From the first start of the steam engine it takes about 5 minutes until sufficient steam pressure has built up and the machine can be started. The D21 will then have enough power to drive multiple propulsion models. So you can follow the transformation of heat into kinetic energy very vividly. It also brings a lot of fun, the D21 by connecting the separately available parts Dynamo M66 or Dynamo with lantern M66 / 2 generate electricity and light!

Further details on the red and black steam engine D21

  • In both directions attachable flywheel with 10 cm diameter
  • Safety valve
  • Steam whistle with chain hoist
  • Steam shut-off handwheel valve, centrifugal regulator and steam jet lubricator.
  • Double-acting cylinder system with a diameter of 13mm and a stroke of 16mm
  • Socket dimension: 350 x 290 mm
  • Height: 320 mm
  • Net weight: 2.7 kg
  • Gift packaging: 355 x 300 x 200 mm
  • Boiler volume: 500 cm³ 
  • Heating: dry fuel (3 blocks dry fuel already included)

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